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Death Vessel [rank: 1774]

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Jan 6 2009 Jan 6 2009

"Death Vessel is an neo-traditional folk band from Brooklyn, New York, signed to Sub Pop, and headed by Joel Thibodeau. Their first album, Stay Close was released on North East Indie in 2005 to critical acclaim. Born in Berlin, Germany and raised in Kennebunkport, Maine, Thibodeau moved to Boston as a teenager and later to Providence, eventually settling in Brooklyn. While in Providence he founded the band String Builder with his brother Alec and by early 2003 was playing as part of a duo with Erik Carlson, formerly of the Purple Ivy Shadows, who he had met while living in Boston. Death Vessel's 2005 debut, Stay Close, was widely heralded for its solid songwriting, its musical ingenuity and for the unique quality of Thibodeau's crooning. His soprano register is exceptionally high for a male and even pre-pubescent sounding. Death Vessel has toured with Iron & Wine, Low, Jose Gonzalez, and The Books, among others. In 2006 the band was signed to Seattle's venerated Sub Pop Records."

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Bandega Interview with Joel Thibodeau of Death Vessel (May 2009)

Joel likes to do the asking.

[Note: Interview questions #1-4 provided by Joel Thibodeau.]

Q: How have your teeth changed over the years? Is your perspective on brushing different now?
A: I remember chewing on a pink tablet when I was in the second or third grade issued by the school nurse to reveal my brushing skills. The results were not promising. Later, my teeth were permanently stained from poor dental hygiene while wearing braces. I now have little white, television screen-shaped marks on my canines and incisors. I'm a better brusher now.

Q: Describe the most unremarkable live show you've played.
A: I can't recall.

Q: What public restroom do you consider to be your "home", where you feel most comfortable, with the crowd and the place itself?
A: On tour I use public restrooms throughout the day. Never once have I felt at home in there. Amazingly, the crowd is often quite comfy which makes me feel worse. In order of preference I use three methods to dry my hands: paper towel, air dry, and conventional hand dryer/wipe-hands-on-pants combination. I avoid the reusable cloth towel roller and the Dyson Airbladeā„¢.

Q: Describe the most enjoyable pickle you've ever experienced.
A: My hip against the kitchen counter I bit into a Ba-Tampte Garlic Dill. Juice dripped down the meaty part of my hand onto the pale melamine plate I held below.

Q: How did your time spent living in Providence affect you as a musician and performer? And specifically, how did your work with String Builder help shape what became Death Vessel?
A: In 1999, after several US tours with String Builder and The Eyesores, I immediately realized the odds were against me as an unknown performer. There were no guarantees of any kind. Aside from a small group of friends and peers who helped book the shows we arrived places essentially unannounced. In String Builder I developed my own type of song writing, guitar playing and singing. Generally, Alec and I wrote songs separately. Then we'd come up with accompanying parts to each other's songs. The process was reciprocal. I wanted my ideas to be equally good as a song writer and as a supporting musician. Without that experience with my brother I would not have formed Death Vessel.

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Aug 25, 2009 - Independent popup ira
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