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Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele [rank: 1317]

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Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
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Apr 6 2009 Feb 5 2010

Dent May is swanky. What I mean to say is that he's swanky, Frenchish, somewhat-goofy-on-purpose. It's jazz. It's pop. It's jazz-standard pop. Something about the vocals reminds me of Antony and the Johnsons , but minus the depression. There's also, somehow, some Elvis Costello in there.

[Lexi Knudsen]


Bandega Interview with Dent May (June 2009)

Stand By Me with Dent May.

Q: How have your shows changed over the years? Has your perspective on performing live changed?
A: For a while, I was really embracing the performance aspect of my concerts. I would do costume changes and things like that, but more recently I've been trying to do something more straightforward where the emphasis is on the music. I still want to do something really over the top one day though.

Q: Describe the most memorable live show you've played.
A: One time with my old band I projectile vomited for over a minute at the end of our set, and it started a chain reaction of audience members vomiting. It happened on the last chord of the last song, so it was a nice finale.

Q: What venue do you consider to be your "home", where you feel most comfortable, with the crowd and the place itself?
A: 121 Studios in Jackson, Mississippi, is an excellent DIY multipurpose arts space that a friend of mine started. It's got gallery, studio, performance, and apartment space, and it's by far my favorite place to play in the world. Most shows are either free or donation only, BYOB, all ages, etc.

Q: Describe the most enjoyable show you've ever experienced as a fan.
A: The first time I saw Three 6 Mafia in Memphis was mindblowing. I was probably 13 or 14, and they did all the classic party jams. I learned what sizzurp was and witnessed some fairly graphic sex acts happening on stage.

Q: Describe the circumstances surrounding the first time you ever heard Prince's music and how it affected you.
A: It probably wasn't the first time I heard his music, but my earliest memory of him is when he played the coliseum down in Jackson where I'm from. I was really young and obviously couldn't make the show, but I listened to a live radio broadcast from the secret after show at this sleazy lakeside bar called The Dock. I was impressed that he played two concerts, one for thousands and one much more intimate.

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Feb 28, 2009 - Independent popup ira
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