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Kelley Stoltz [rank: 332]

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Nov 09

Kelley Stoltz

The Chapel
9:00 PM (doors 8:00 PM)
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"Kelley Stoltz is an American singer, songwriter and musician. He currently resides in San Francisco, CA. His music has been compared to that of Brian Wilson, The Velvet Underground, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen. He was born in 1971 and grew up in Michigan. He moved to New York in his early twenties. While living in New York in the mid 1990s, Stoltz served as an intern with Jeff Buckley's management company where he worked as a 'fan-mail' sorter. In the late 1990s he relocated to San Francisco and began his own musical career.

He recorded his first album The Past Was Faster in 1999, released on Telegraph Records. Stoltz self-released his second album Antique Glow in 2001. The original release was 200 vinyl LPs in hand-painted sleeves. Later the album gained wider distribution when it was released by Jack Pine Social Club in the US, TKTK in the UK and Raoul Records in Australia. His next project was recorded in the last week of 2001: a track by track cover of Echo and The Bunnymen's Crocodiles album recorded on his 8-track tape recorder. In 2005, Stoltz signed to Sub Pop and released 'The Sun Comes Through' EP. He also toured Europe in April and Australia for a second time in Dec 2005-January 2006. His first full length release for SubPop, entitled 'Below the Branches', was released in February 2006."

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Bandega Interview with Kelley Stoltz (March 2008)

Sometimes, it can be as simple as a good burrito.

Q: How have your shows changed over the years? Has your perspective on performing live changed?
A: I've always tried to have equal parts George Carlin as George Harrison: a touch of comedy and humanity goes a long way at a live show.

Q: Describe the most memorable live show you've played.
A: The last three in Australia have been great – good crowds who are attentive and fun. Maybe playing with The Raconteurs in Ann Arbor, Michigan in front of family and old friends. Or some early show back in '99 when I was struggling along.

Q: What venue do you consider to be your "home", where you feel most comfortable, with the crowd and the place itself?
A: Café du Nord in San Francisco has always been a good show for me. I feel good there. And any show in Melbourne, Australia is usually a blast.

Q: Describe the most enjoyable show you've ever experienced as a fan.
A: There have been several: The Monks at Cavestomp in 1999, The White Stripes in San Francisco in 2000, Brian Wilson doing Smile, The Bunnymen in Ann Arbor 1988, Allen Toussaint. Too many for one only!

Q: You settled into the San Francisco/Bay Area music community back in the 90s due in no small part to chance. What is it about the community (or area) that has kept you there.
A: I like the open minds and the weather. Good bands and rent control! Plus burritos!

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Feb 28, 2008 - Independent popup lissanana
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