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In 1993, Britt Daniel and Jim Eno formed Spoon after their previous band, The Alien Beats broke up. With the various other members of Spoon that have changed quite a bit since their birth, Spoon makes catchy and confident songs that are apparently influenced by old school punk groups such as Wire. Their sound is less punk though, and more just rock 'n roll with a little bit of pop mixed in. Some hints of post-punk can be felt throughout their tunes though, and their earlier records--namely their first full-length album Telephono has been likened to their influences, including Wire and Pixies.

Originally from Austin, Texas and now based out of Portland, Oregon, Spoon named themselves after a song by Can's successful song "Spoon" that came out of the 1970s German Avante-Garde scene. In addition to various band members, Spoon has also experienced a number of record label changes. Initially with Matador, Spoon signed with major label Elektra in 1988, but were soon dropped by the label due low record sales of their '98 album A Series of Sneaks. Spoon ended up signing with indie label Merge in 2000, with whom they are still signed today.

Spoon's popularity and recognizability has skyrocketed since their on start. "The Way We Get By" on their 2002 album Kill the Moonlight delivered Spoon enormous international acclaim. The single found itself on numerous television shows and films. Since the single's release, Spoon's subsequent albums have too, found heavy commercial success.


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