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The Helio Sequence [rank: 282]

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The Helio Sequence

"The Helio Sequence is an indie electronica / shoegazer band signed to indie label Sub Pop. The band was formed in 1999 in Portland, Oregon and consists of Brandon Summers on guitar and vocals and Benjamin Weikel, who has also played for Modest Mouse, on keyboards and drums. The band produce an eccentric brand of electronic indie similar to that of The Postal Service and other bands. To date, they have released one album on Sub Pop, two on Portland-based label Cavity Search and a self-released EP."

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Bandega Interview with Benjamin Weikel of The Helio Sequence (October 2007)

Benjamin Weikel feigns ignorance in all matters concerning the mysterious Enchanted Forest ladies.

Q: How have your shows changed over the years? Has your perspective on performing live changed?
A: I think the main thing that's changed from the beginning is that we used to be loud and louder the whole way through a show. But revelation has shown us that there is so much more you can do with energy, tempo, emotions and dynamics that make a show more interesting and more satisfying. We started to explore some of these things after putting out 'Love and Distance' and are continuing (trying) to experiment and discover what we're capable of.

Q: Describe the most memorable live show you've played.
A: There have been so many great times...we've met so many great people...slept on their floors...eaten breakfast at so many diners with them...seen so many beautiful landscapes...come close to death a time or two in the old van...I think these are the things I remember the most.

Q: What venue do you consider to be your "home", where you feel most comfortable, with the crowd and the place itself?
A: Well, I would say we have two homes here in Portland. The Crystal Ballroom and the Doug Fir - at least these are the places we play the most - and they're always so good to us.

Q: Describe the most enjoyable show you've ever experienced as a fan.
A: In recent of the shows that really blew me away was seeing the Charles Lloyd Quartet at the Portland Jazz festival back in February ('07). It was so deep, and it meant so much more than a lot of the indie/rock/pop/electric shows I had been going to. It was a total accident that I even was there, but I was so glad to have seen it. Neko Case and Rufus Wainwright are two other shows that come to mind as well - such talented people and great bands!

Q: How did you cast the two ladies walking along the path behind you guys in the video for "Don't Look Away"? How did you know that they would bring the magic and did you anticipate that they would make the video?
A: Hmm...I have no idea...I had to watch it again and I still have no idea - just some people walking through the 'Enchanted Forest'. We really had no idea what that video was going to be like while we were shooting it. Fred wanted to reference some obscure late 70's early 80's videos that he loved and watching it now made me laugh. Thanks Fred!!!

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