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Bandega is your site for local live indie music.

Born out of the frustration of missing yet another show we really wanted to see, Bandega is the tool that we ourselves have wanted for years. In the past, we signed up for all of the band and venue e-mail lists we could find, we scoured the local independent papers every week, but we still would miss shows.

Now, with Bandega, it's easy. You tell us your favorite bands – we tell you when they're coming to town. You can choose to receive reminders via e-mail or, if you prefer, just by coming to the site, logging in, and checking your MyBandega page for your bands' upcoming shows. From there, you can buy a ticket and you're done. No newspapers, no 37 e-mail lists and websites to check.

But Bandega is a lot more than just a show reminder service. It's a place to find out about new local bands and read reviews of local shows. You can even submit your own reviews of shows to be posted. Each band listed at Bandega has its own band page, where you'll find a link to their website, suggested similar bands as well as the show reviews.

There are plenty of event-tracking sites out there, but at Bandega, we've got the human touch. No robot search tools giving you a New Year's Eve symphony performance when you're trying to keep tabs on The New Year. We've got actual humans bringing you the latest accurate information about your favorite bands.

Oh, and yeah, it's free.

So set up an account today, subscribe to your favorite bands, and never miss a show again.

The Posies
They Might Be Giants
They Might Be Giants
Apollo 18
Over the Rhine